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March 2, 2012


photo of the day 3/2/2012 - photo Mark I Chester
photo of Mark Edward Rice with his friends Jim Chambers and Eric Hsu, 6/2011 posted in honor of Mark's birthday today.

It is always a treat to see Mark and his friends Jim and Eric. This wasn't from a full photo session, just a few moments of photography because they visited when I had the photo studio set up. I wasn't going to miss the chance to take more photographs of Mark. Plus I enjoy photographing friends of mine with their friends and or family members. And to be honest, I see Jim and Eric as my friends now too, because they have gotten photographed a number of times, they've come to see a bunch of exhibits and I even talked Eric into modeling for Gay Men's Sketch. I just love an occupation where you tell people to take their clothes off and they comply with or without hesitation.

I find Mark's willingness to be upfront and direct about his personal madness refreshing in a world where too many people are ashamed and burdened by their own flaws and realities. This was the first photo from the mini-shoot and it's not the only time that I got *it* on the very first shot or the very last shot from a session. It is special when that happens; something magical and strange, like the photos were a gift from some unknown photographic deity watching over me and alternately cursing me and blessing me.