Mark I Chester books


In 1996, I self-published my first book of fine art gay radical sex photography, Diary of a Thought Criminal.  The book was printed on an offset press with duotone plates.  Copies of the book are still available in both soft cover and hard cover.

I am just beginning to explore digital on-demand book printing.  It is an intriguing expansion of my basic interest in supporting, encouraging and exhibiting the work of gay, sexual and other underground artists.

Digital on-demand book printing allows you to be able to publish a book, without first raising a substantial sum of money in order to print and then sell substantial quantities of books.  While you sacrifice some image quality over an offset press, the benefits are difficult to ignore.

So it raises an interesting question.  If I were to publish books, what kind of books, art and artists would I publish?  My first answer was a collection of work from the artists of Gay Men's Sketch, a gay male figure drawing group that I host in my studio.  I followed that with Paul, a book of my erotic digital color portraits of Paul.  Both came out very nicely.

Here are my two latest explorations:

Men by Ulli Richter - a catalog of German photographer Ulli Richter's first one man show in the US at the Mark I Chester studio for Up Your Alley Fair 2010.  Steamy, intense photographs of men at the start of the 21st century.

by Ulli Richter

The Pink Drawings by Paul Jermann - erotic meditations on the practice of drawing, looking at men and the inspiration of the sexual act

The Pink Drawings
by Paul Jermann