This 40 page 7"x7" digitally printed monograph of the photographs of Ulli Richter also serves as a catalog of his exhibition "Men" at the Mark I Chester studio from July 23rd- Aug 22nd, 2010 in conjunction with the 2010 Up Your Alley Fair/Dore Alley Fair in SOMA in San Francisco.

Mark curated the exhibition and catalog from the oeuvre of Ulli Richter, a German photographer.  Ulli's photographs of men are steamy, intense and unapologetic images of rough men and hard sex at the start of the 21st century.  I was blown away by Ulli's men the first time that I saw them. Unlike many current photographers whose images of leathermen are limited to musclemen stiffly posed in leather, you can tell that Ulli's men are rough, ready and real.  There is nothing cookie cutter or stereotypical about their masculinity and nothing pretend about their voracious and twisted sexual appetites.

Men includes 31 sexual documents in both black and white and color.  Ulli's compositions and his use of architecture, space and light to imbue his images with a visual depth. Titillating our eyes with rich visual detail, he creates unique strange worlds where nothing else exists but men having hard and bruising sex with other men. Whether he is shooting in an abandoned warehouse, or an urban landscape or locked in his studio, Ulli makes each environment his own.

Ulli, speaking of his own work says, "My work is not pornographic. On the contrary, I do Art Photography in a documentary context.  In a society where disaster, violence and warfare are commonplace, I juxtapose the deceptive threat of a fetish scene, where everyone finds a safe space to live out his fantasies, against the real madness and absurdity of everyday life.  Most of my work is influenced by surrealism and its preoccupation with dreams, sex and demise.  I combine the kinky reality of a subculture with a poetic-symbolic and sometimes humorous approach while capturing and preserving the moment for the future and future generations."

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