City of Wounded Boys & Sexual Warriors

a dark explicit photographic diary
from San Francisco's gay sexual underground, 1977-2015

by Mark I Chester

with afterwords by Gayle Rubin and Rostom Mesli

special show sale price $115

City of Wounded Boys & Sexual Warriors, 1982

City of Wounded Boys & Sexual Warriors is a photographic monograph in an 8"x10" hardback with over 125 pages and over 75 images in both black and white and color from ecstasy to devastation and everything in between.  There is no other artistic body of work, this personal, this raw, this sexual, this confrontational, this devastating and this full of pleasure that covers this time frame during such tumultuous decades in San Francisco's gay and leather sexual underground.

This is digital on demand publishing so the per book cost is quite high at $74.

special show sale price $115
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