Mark I. Chester studio
1229 Folsom St./SF     415-621-6294

Gay Men's Sketch

Hosted by Mark I Chester, Gay Men's Sketch is San Francisco's longest running
gay male figure drawing group.
Our first meeting was on March 3rd, 1987.  We are now 26 years old!

Gay Men's Sketch
a weekly male figure drawing group
professional, intimate and relaxed
every Tuesday night from 6:30pm - 9:30pm
classical nude modeling by a gay (or gay friendly) male  model
gestures from 30 sec to 2 minutes and five 20 minute poses

a view of my male figure drawing group at work
from the back of the second room, on an unusually full night

intimate South of Market home/studio

open drawing session, no instruction
suggested donation 
open to sketchers of ALL skill levels
bring your own sketching materials 
our sketchers include beginners, hobbyists and fine artists
the minimum requirement is a sincere interest in drawing

we only have a few rules
1.  we're a no tobacco environment
2.  we ask sketchers not to wear any scent, cologne or strong body wash
3.  if you are using a messy medium, like pastel or charcoal, please put something down to protect   the floor, clean up after yourself and please do not blow dust from your drawing into the air.
4.  no chemical solvents, turpentine or any other agent/medium with a strong chemical odor
5.  please do not use headphones, ipods or other personal music delivery systems

we're a drop-in group so our numbers vary from week to week
but we usually have between 6-10 sketchers

we're a really nice group of gay guys
we're friendly, supportive and non-competitive
and we love drawing the male nude in gay male company
friendly men and women of all genders and persuasions are welcome to draw with us

to reserve space, call the day of the group that you want to attend
for further information call Mark - 415-621-6294