modeling for Mark I. Chester's
male figure drawing group

Some frequently asked questions and answers about modeling for my drawing group.

How often are you looking for models?  How far in advance do you book models?

I'm always looking for new models!  I try to book models about a month in advance but sometimes I need models on very short notice.

Do you pay your models?

We're a small group, so the fee is a courtesy because we can't afford what other groups can.  It is our way of showing our appreciation.  Non-professionals are asked to do the first session as a try-out, but we'll send you home with a drawing or two to thank you for your time.  After that, non-professionals may receive a courtesy of $30.

We've been told that modeling for us is a great experience and some men model for us just for the fun of it.  If you model for the fun of it, we'll try to send you home with a drawing or two.  Or in exchange, some models come draw with us or get a consideration towards digital photographs.

For professional models with experience, we try to give a fee of $50.

Do I need experience?  What else are you looking for?

No experience is necessary.  We do a lot of work with men who are new to posing.  We're looking for interesting, self-confident men.

The two most important qualities for being a model are that:

you're comfortable and relaxed in your body
(whatever your body type is)
you have a friendly, outgoing personality

And while we appreciate a great physique, there is nothing cookie cutter about the men who model for us. I look for men from a wide range of ages, races and body types.  We don't want to draw the same kind of physique week after week.  And different people have different things to offer.  We appreciate anything well done.

When  and where does your group meet?

Every Tuesday night I sponsor Gay Men's Sketch, a gay male figure drawing group.  The group meets at my home/studio at 1229 Folsom St. (between 8th/9th Sts) in San Francisco.  My studio is three blocks from the Civic Center BART/Muni Underground.  You can also reach my studio from the following bus lines:

within a 1 block walk - 12 Folsom, 27 Bryant, 47 Van Ness, 19 Polk (going south)
within a 2 block walk - 19 Polk (going north), 9 San Bruno, 14 Mission, 26 Valencia
within a 3 block walk - Civic Center Bart/Muni Underground and most other buses that run on Market St. including the F line and the 71 Haight.

What kind of poses do you expect from a model?

The poses range from 2 minute gestures to 20 minutes.  The group is friendly and informal, yet it is still a professional drawing group.  The style of posing we are looking for is frequently called classical nude modeling.  You need to be comfortable being nude.  We are a non-sexual group, but we're not offended by natural responses of the human body, although no touching is allowed.

Our regular pose format is:
1 - 20 min pose
9 - gestures (3 thirty sec gestures, 3 one min gestures and 3 two min gestures)
4 - 20 min poses

Do you photograph all your drawing sessions and then post them on the web?  Is anyone else allowed to take photographs?

Photographs are only taken with the consent of the model.  If the model consents to his poses being documented and posted on the web, he will also get copies of the images for his own personal use.  In addition, I am the only one who is allowed to take photographs during the drawing session.

How do I try-out to be a model?

A face to face try-out is required for ALL models, whether you are professional or you are doing this just for fun.  I find that everything goes smoother if we meet face to face in advance.  Then we can both can get an idea of what to expect.  A try out usually takes 30 minutes or less.  We meet.  I show you the space and some of the art that the guys in the group are doing.  I have you take off your clothes and work with you on creating some poses so I can see how comfortable you are with your body.

I sometimes do try-outs on Tuesday nights, during a break of the sketch group, so the prospective model can see the space, the group and get a sense of what we're like.

I'm interested in men who live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It's important that you have a permanent address and a phone number.  In general, it is very difficult to make arrangements and work with men who are visiting San Francisco.

How do I set up a try out?

You can email Mark at  Please give me your full name, phone, age, physical stats and some information about your modeling experience or interest.  I also appreciate a face photo and a photo that shows off your physique.  Please do not send explicit sexual imagery, cock shots or very cropped partial body shots, like just a shot of your ass. ;)  Please send reasonably sized image files.

You can also call me at 415-621-6294.