Mark I. Chester
photographs 1979-2000

This is a series of virtual galleries of dark erotic fine art black and white photographs, reflecting my life and explorations in San Francisco's gay radical sex underground from 1979 until the year 2000.

I am in the process of updating and changing the galleries, so that every gallery will link to larger images.  Keep in mind that these galleries are in a state of transition, and under reconstruction.  And please be patient.

You'll notice that this work stops in 1999.  I actually did one more show of black and white work, Outcasts, which was a compilation of photographs from over the last 20+ years of pieces that I liked, but images that never fit any of the other shows that I was doing.  I've put them into a gallery with occasional comments and stories.


After more than 20 years of exploration, I had to put down the film camera and doing art and I started taking digital pix.  And now digital has literally put an end to fine art black and white film work and silver gelatin photographs.  In only a few years, the entire market has been turned upside down.  Digital is no longer the wave of the future, but the tsunami of the present.

If you want to look at the digital work I am now doing...................

But that 20+ years of work still exists.  I lived the life, walked the walk and talked the talk.  The photographs are a kind of diary and no one can take that from me.  The work now changes from taking black and white photographs to preserving them because of the history that they tell.  I am always looking for angels to support this work and men who believe in sexual portraiture who want to become part of this on-going personal and artistic exploration, even if that is in another medium.

Mark I. Chester