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Mark I. Chester

I'm a San Francisco gay radical sex photographer, digital photographer, underground artist, writer, performer, curator and drawing group host. I've been documenting my life in San Francisco's radical sex underground for over 30 years. Due to censorship, I've exhibited my own work and the work of other sexual and radical artists in my studio since 1981.

A self portrait

How do I survive? <g> Well, most of the time I don't. Well, not from selling photographs, anyway.  And wouldn't without the support of a small group of friends who believe in what I'm doing and the importance of radical sex artwork. I keep on keeping on by the skin of my teeth.

I NEED your support. Emails that share how my work has touched you are very special.  But the rent, utilities and internet bills still need to be paid.  All donations help.  No donation is too small.  Send $5 - the equivalent of taking me out for a drink.  Or more - maybe the equivalent of taking me out for dinner.

I can now accept donations through Paypal right from my website.  You do not have to have a Paypal account. All you need is a credit card.  Go to:

Over the last few years, some supporters gave me gifts or donated their old equipment when they were updating.  That support has really helped, but the wish list to bring me into the 21st century is a long one.  That support has included a hand me down computer, a new flat panel monitor, a digital SLR and recently a professional digital printer so I can produce archival prints.

But there is a long list of other needed equipment, but this is the most immediate and important
    1.  the computer is on its last legs and desperately needs to be upgraded
    2.  or even better, a laptop so I can be mobile and do work in the field
Although it wouldn't hurt to have a couple of new externals to back up the much larger digital files from my upgraded digital SLR, a laser printer or even an understanding lawyer who could provide some pro bono support.  Or just ask how you can help.

A personal statement

As I change, this work changes. I know where I've been, but don't know where I'm going. But wherever the journey takes me, I can probably be found at the crossroads of art, sex and theater.

The result has been a dark explicit fine art photographic diary. My photographs are socially conscious, politically provocative, sexually explicit and artistically taboo.

What you'll find on this site are frank explorations of life and sexuality. I try to treat these images and the people in them with the respect that they deserve.  I ask that you do the same.

I've chosen NOT to include an initial warning page, because when my work is seen in exhibition, it is seen without a public warning.  This is dangerous.  And possibly against the law.  But my work is art and deserves the same respect that less controversial artistic explorations deserve.

If you are offended by fine art explorations and representations of sexuality or if you are not mature enough to view such art in an adult manner, please go somewhere else.