Mark I. Chester


rubber blow up hood, 8/1999 - 2009 Mark I. Chester
from "Outcasts" 1969-2000

I've always created work that fit into photographic series. The photographs from any one period are linked emotionally, technically and artistically.  If you took an image from one series and tried to insert it into another series, it would stand out and look different.  So I've always tried to be very careful that every image in a series is linked... connected.

I love the shows I have done.  But there have always been other images that I've liked that just haven't fit into any of those shows. So I pulled out these *outcasts* and put them together with personal statements to create a context of time, place and psychological space.

The earliest photographs (yet to be scanned and put online) are from 1969, when I photographed the moon landing and walk as it was broadcast on Chilean TV. The latest photographs are of two boot studs engaged in bootsex.

Not only are the images themselves *outcasts* but the people in them are *outcasts* as well.  So I guess that's a double serving of outcast. ;)

This work and this portfolio is still in progress.  Over time I'll add more comments and notations for various images.  So check back to see how this develops.