radical sex & my personal life


One of the most common questions I've gotten asked over the years is whether I am just a photographer or whether I am into the things I photograph.

I've chosen to make this site a professional site, or as professional as this iconoclastic underground gay radical sex photographer can get.  So this site deals with my work, my digital photographs, my fine art black and white photography, my books, my male figure drawing group and special exhibitions and events that I've hosted in my studio.

But, let me assure you that I do have a personal life, or at least what I claim is a personal life while struggling to keep all the plates spinning on top of their poles.

I am open to meeting interesting people, but please understand that work takes precedence over everything - at least until that government grant for the arts comes through. (smirk!)  No matter how hot I think you are, or how much I want to photograph you, paying the rent and keeping the electricity and gas on are even more important.  Preference is always given to people who understand the realities of my life and do something to help out.

Everyone leads a different kind of life, so I understand if you need to be discrete.  But there is a difference between discretion and unbridled paranoia.  If you are that uptight that you can't even reveal who you are, don't expect me to reveal my personal life to you.  

In addition, I appreciate people who are articulate and can share something about themselves and their interests.