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I email occasional updates about my website, books, art exhibitions and lectures on my work.

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    Mark I. Chester
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    San Francisco, CA 94142

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    No personal data of any kind is collected or stored when you visit my website.

    If you wish to receive email updates, as stated above, you must send me an email with your real name, a statement that you are over 21 years of age and your location.  Because there are adult materials on my site, you must provide your real name and a statement that you are over 21 years of age.  Your city/state must be provided so that I only send you emails that are appropriate for your location.  Subscribers in the San Francisco Bay Area will receive on average, more email notices that subscribers in other locations.

    To protect your privacy and to confirm that you are the owner of the email address that you subscribe with, your email MUST come from the same account that you want the emails sent to. If your isp service provides spam protection or a white list, you are requested to add the domain, to your whitelist.

    My email list is personal and private and your information is never sold, or shared with any 3rd party.  All records are maintained by Mark I Chester and I can be contacted by letter, phone call or email at the information listed above in the "to contact me" section.

    When you subscribe to my email list, you will receive occasional emails about my activities which may include website updates and other information about my art exhibitions, my photography, my books, travels and lectures.  On rare occasion, I may include information about the art activities of other artists that I support or believe in.  I have a special subset of this list for members of my sketch groups and you must specifically ask to be included on that list to get emails about my sketch groups.

    HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MY EMAIL LIST - At the top of every email I send out, there is a notice that to be removed from my list, simply return the email with the word *remove* in the subject line.  Remove requests are completed before the next email goes out so you shouldn't receive any additional emails after your request.  If by chance you receive an email after your request to be removed has been sent, it is due to human error.  Simply return that email with the word *remove* in the subject line, or email me at the information provided in the "to contact me" section.

    If you have any further questions, comments or problems, email me or call me with the information provided in the "to contact me" section.